Since its launch in 2013, SCAB has delivered incredible fashion for incredible customers.

With many of the world’s most coveted designer brands, including Gucci, Hermes, Chanel, Prada, Balenciaga, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Valentino and hundred specialist contemporary brands, SCAB is the modern luxury fashion shopping destination.

Sometime it’s nice to have everything you’re looking for in one place. SCAB is the site carries brands that cover all price ranges.

If you’re looking to leave your next shopping adventure with a balanced cart, filled with a mix of high-end and everyday brands, SCAB should be your go-to. We offers a large selection of contemporary and designer labels. You’ll find Shoes, Clothing, Accessories, and Bags.

Yes, it’s SCAB!

Men, women, and even kids can get their designer duds fix at SCAB. You can even shop pre-owned pieces if you’re looking for more budget or just love all things vintage. SCAB helps you find just what you’re looking for with options to shop by aesthetic, occasion, and designer, as well as offering style guides to inspire your purchase.

SCAB also known where you can pre-order styles in advance of the next season. That way, you’re the first to shop and always on the cutting edge of the latest collections and always provides the best price so that it can survive until now.

Check out if you want to discover emerging brands or just swoon over all the pieces your favorite influencers have been posting about on Instagram.

Bet you didn’t know that SCAB gets in a whopping hundred new arrivals every day. Maybe that’s why you can always manage to find pieces on SCAB that are constantly sold out everywhere else.

Shop with us and discover why SCAB is
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